High School

Welcome to the High School!

Maryknoll High School is a welcoming and nurturing community that encourages students to grow both academically and personally through forward-thinking classes and challenging extracurricular activities. Maryknoll School is proud to offer the Mx Scholar Programs, an innovative, advanced curriculum that designed to encourage each students’ interests and passions, and an exciting partnership with Hawai‘i Pacific University that enables students to have a running start toward their four-year college degree while in high school.

Where Exceptional Young Minds Thrive

Maryknoll School’s Mx Scholar Programs offer a focus in high school on industries that are driving the careers of tomorrow. Students gain both depth and breadth in their field(s) of choice and graduate from high school with outstanding college preparation, internship experience and one-on-one mentoring that has nurtured their passions.

From learning the ropes as a freshman to gearing up for college as a senior, the Mx Scholar Programs at Maryknoll School offer an experience like no other.

Where else can students learn to fly a plane before learning to drive a car, design a better hospital ER, forecast the Chinese stock market and sculpt the next David — all before study hall?

Internships, professional mentors and visiting mainland professors offer vast opportunities far beyond the usual AP courses and college counseling.

The Mx Scholar Programs are for students who want to make the most of their high school years by exploring their interests, finding their niche and tapping into their talents. Your child can choose one or more areas of interest, and let their passion drive their potential.

Mr. John Madriaga, M.A.

High School Principal

Office Hours:
7:15 am - 4:00 pm
(808) 952-7200
  • Four years of core and elective high school courses infused with relevance to the student’s chosen field(s) of study

  • Nationally acclaimed core and elective courses that provide exposure to and real-world simulations from field(s) of study, preparing students to major in those field(s) in college

  • Senior year capstone projects where students create their own innovative solutions to real-world problems

  • Flexibility to change field(s) of study as students refine their interests

  • Student-paced learning and individualized guidance from specialist instructors

  • Internship opportunities with leading industry organizations

  • Mentoring and advising to set goals, nurture passions and understand career pathways

Tell me more about High School!

Maryknoll School offers a new model of education that blends classroom and real world. This “academic honeycomb” shows the six types of learning resources that help students become 21st century learners, leaders and global citizens of character:
  1. Advanced Curriculum offering individualized learning guided by instructors who are professionals in the fields driving the careers of the future.

  2. Project-Based Learning through hands-on studies that bring concepts to life.

  3. Internships in high school to gain experience and develop professional maturity.

  4. Mentors who are industry professionals sharing real-world insights and career paths.

  5. College Excellence as a focus so students are prepared to stand out to outstanding universities.

  6. Leadership opportunities and development, including exemplifying the school’s motto, Noblesse Oblige, which means, “To whom much is given, much is expected.”

Hawai‘i Pacific University Partnership

Through an exciting partnership with Hawai‘i Pacific University (HPU), Maryknoll students have the option of taking courses at HPU for dual credit at no additional tuition cost. Students who complete sufficient credits may even earn an HPU Associate of Arts degree at the same time as their Maryknoll high school diploma, potentially resulting in significant savings of up to two years' worth of time and undergraduate tuition.

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