Elementary Level

Grades 1-5: Development and Growth

Students cultivate their curiosities, explore their internal and external worlds, begin to work independently, and complete projects that require planning and organization. They build on previously learned skills and strategies, develop more complex social skills, and can think logically about and solve concrete problems.

Every step prepares your child to continue to excel.

At Maryknoll, grades 1-5 represent an important time when students begin to work independently and in groups, tackle assignments that require planning and organization, and put their inner ‘detective’ to the test with critical thinking and problem solving in Project Lead the Way (PLTW) courses.  They learn about the importance of our school motto, Noblesse Oblige, and participate in various service projects.
First graders become proficient in the Phonics Plus method and continue to excel in their reading and writing abilities.  A highlight in second grade is Religion class, where students who are Catholic continue their faith formation and prepare to receive the sacraments of first communion and confirmation.  Second graders also begin novels and complete their phonics instruction with learning how to write in cursive.  Projects such as third grade’s Spartan Society encourage students to express their inner entrepreneurship. Fourth-grade students are exposed to a variety of creative arts, including music and dance as part of the E Mele Kakou program.  Our one-to-one laptop program begins in the fifth grade.  Students learn about the acceptable use of devices and are taught how to word process and work with various programs to support their learning and project presentations.  A major highlight for the elementary level students is the 5th Grade Camp Experience, where students spend three days and two nights at Camp Erdman, doing team-building and class bonding activities.
Students in the Mandarin Immersion program continue to build on the skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking for 50% of the school day.  Proficiency tests are taken in grades 2-5.
In grades 4 and 5, students may participate in athletics through the Christian School Athletic League (CSAL), through which they begin to learn and develop fundamental skills in sports such as basketball and volleyball.


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