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Mx Scholar Programs

Our Mx Scholar Programs offer
a full-time focus in high school 
on industries that are driving 
the careers of tomorrow.
Programs include STEM & 
Aerospace, Medical 
Innovation, Business &
Diplomacy, and Arts 
& Humanities. 

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​Give Aloha Challenge

The Maryknoll School Give Aloha Challenge is a contest where we rally together as a school to participate in Foodland's Annual Community Matching Gifts Program. The winner of the contest will win a "Party of Choice" for your child’s homeroom.

From September 1st to the 30th, every grade school homeroom and high school grade level will be competing to raise the highest amount of receipts.  Donations will be individually tracked from each donor and credit will be given to designed homeroom/grade via receipts.

To learn how to donate or where to turn in receipts, please click here.  

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