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  • Opening of School Plan and Important Updates

    As we prepare for the start of the school year, our Opening of School Task Force has finalized our Opening of School Plan for the 2020-2021 school year. Other important information and protocols will be in place to ensure the safety and well-being of our entire school community. These plans an be found on our school website's Health and Wellness page and on myMaryknoll.
  • Mrs. Shana Tong '83 Appointed as Interim School President

    Message from Father EJ Resinto and Interim School President Shana Tong '83
  • Statement Regarding Black Lives Matter Movement

    Maryknoll Community: Please see our school and parish response to the recent national and global campaign related to Black Lives Matter movement.
  • Aloha and Farewell Message From Outgoing School President Perry Martin

    After serving 12 years as Maryknoll School's president, Mr. Perry Martin would like to wish our entire school community and Maryknoll 'ohana a warm aloha and mahalo. Thank you Mr. Martin for your service and love of Maryknoll School and best of luck on your new endeavor. God Bless you, your wife Leann, and your family. "May Noblesse Oblige be written on our hearts and minds forever."
  • Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

    On behalf of the entire faculty, staff, administration of Maryknoll School, we'd like to extend a huge congratulations to the Class of 2020! On Friday, June 5, 2020, they officially became graduates of Maryknoll School and joined the ranks of our Spartan Alumni Community!


  • Wednesday, June 3: Baccalaureate Mass
  • Thursday, June 4: Senior Recognition and Awards Event
  • Friday, June 5: Class of 2020 Graduation Celebration


As many of you know, school president Mr. Perry Martin and his wife Leann will be bidding aloha to our Maryknoll School 'ohana at the end of this school year. Mr. Martin has served Maryknoll School for 12 years and we'd like to provide you with an opportunity to express your farewell wishes, aloha and mahalo to Mr. Martin over the next few weeks. 

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  • Service

    Placing others before ourselves by making a conscious and meaningful effort to serve is the foundation of our community.
  • Community

    We encourage all of our students to follow their dreams, care about the world around them, and work well with others.
  • Faith

    As a Parochial, Catholic, co-educational institution, we strive to instill Christ-like values within our students.

Meet Our Community

    • A DAY IN THE LIFE: Mr. Kyle Davis


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Maryknoll’s Chinese Immersion Program, the first in Hawaii to take place during the school day, gives students the opportunity to receive daily instruction in core subjects using a 50/50 model, 50% of each day in Mandarin and 50% in English. In addition to developing proficiency in a second language, research shows that immersion students achieve the same levels of competence, or better, in academic subjects including English, in addition to many cognitive benefits. 

Immersion integrates language and content and is based on the principle that language is acquired most effectively when learned in a meaningful social context. School curriculum provides a natural basis for second language learning. 


Through an exciting partnership with Hawai‘i Pacific University (HPU), Maryknoll High School juniors and seniors have the option of taking courses at HPU for dual credit at no additional tuition cost.
Students who complete sufficient credits may even earn an HPU Associate of Arts degree at the same time as their Maryknoll high school diploma, potentially resulting in significant savings of up to two years' worth of time and undergraduate tuition.
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