High School

Effective Communication

Maryknoll High School Curriculum

As Hawaii’s largest private Catholic school with more than 90 years of academic excellence, we empower students to customize their college prep pathway through our diverse, project-based and passion-driven classes, clubs and teams. In keeping with our
Philosophy of Education, students are welcomed into a small school setting where personal development and scholastic achievement are emphasized equally.


These seven characteristics represent the foundation of what is provided by a Maryknoll Education to students.


Maryknoll students gain the skills to communicate effectively through writing, speaking and interacting with individuals and groups that share a diversity of ideas, mores, and biases. Students, through their words and actions, learn to empathize and interact with others to create deep and lasting connections.

  • Our rigorous English curriculum emphasizes content analysis, persuasive argument and narrative creation.

  • The Toad award-winning literary magazine is produced by Maryknoll students every year and showcases a variety of student work including writing, drawing, painting, sculpting, and photography.

  • Our Maryknoll Exceptional Scholar Diplomacy Program teaches the fundamentals of communication across cultures and languages.

    • Students who take World Language through Level 3 may be eligible to earn the Certificate in Diplomacy upon graduation if they fulfill the other course requirements.

    • Courses that count towards the Certificate in Diplomacy include Economics, Sociology, Modern Hawaiian History, Marine & Ocean Science, AP Economics, AP U.S. History, and AP Environmental Science.

    • As their senior capstone project, students create a diplomatic brief or political science thesis.

  • We offer World Language courses in Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Hawaiian from Levels I through IV.
  • Our medal-winning Speech & Debate Team competes throughout the school year.

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