Kindergarten: Curiosity and Discovery

Children develop and learn through spontaneous, self-directed activities, combined with the introduction of a more structured learning environment. Students cultivate a natural desire to learn, develop social skills and ethical responsibility, and understand and demonstrate basic concepts. Mandarin lessons begin in kindergarten and are mandatory through 8th grade.

A love for learning starts young.
Maryknoll School is renowned for its excellent early education program in Kindergarten, which lays a solid foundation in reading, writing, math and science.
Lessons in Phonics Plus build verbal skills and make reading fun to cultivate students’ enjoyment of storytelling and ease of communication. Science and math start with showing students the wonder of the world around them, and invite them to explore, question and discover. Self-directed activities combined with the introduction of a more structured learning environment teach students social skills and responsibility as they adjust to the grade school environment.
For the 2020-2021 school year, students in Kindergarten have the option of participating in our new Mandarin Immersion Program, the first Mandarin language immersion program in Hawaii during the regular school day. Mandarin Immersion students receive daily instruction in a 50/50 model, 50% of each day in Mandarin and 50% in English. Find out more about how your child could benefit from a Chinese immersion education.
Our caring faculty and staff get to know each and every student at Maryknoll, and help to nurture their unique interests, passions and talents as early as Kindergarten.
We hope you will join us as part of the Maryknoll ‘ohana!


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