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Common Goal: Diplomacy through Sportsmanship


Maryknoll School launched the Common Goal: Diplomacy through Sportsmanship Program in March 2018 when the Boys Basketball Team visited Nanyang Model High School and participated in the inaugural Boys Basketball Diplomacy Games in Shanghai, China.

Through the Common Goal: Diplomacy through Sportsmanship Program, Maryknoll School teaches athletes to become the next generation of leaders skilled in diplomacy, empathy, and problem-solving.  “Common Goal” athletes practice diplomacy skills, cooperation strategies, teamwork, and tolerance, within the confines of athletic preparation, sportsmanship, and positive human interaction. Athletes learn key terms of diplomacy, learn more about major historic and cultural events that may have shaped the values and culture of athletes and their families, identify ways of starting strong relationships by listening rather than by a set of preconceived expectations, and explore ways of showing diplomacy skills in every aspect of the travel and hosting experience.

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Common Goal Diplomacy Visit: Shanghai Fuxing High School - August 2019

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