High School

Technical Plasticity

Maryknoll High School Curriculum

As Hawaii’s largest private Catholic school with more than 90 years of academic excellence, we empower students to customize their college prep pathway through our diverse, project-based and passion-driven classes, clubs and teams. In keeping with our
Philosophy of Education, students are welcomed into a small school setting where personal development and scholastic achievement are emphasized equally.


These seven characteristics represent the foundation of what is provided by a Maryknoll Education to students.


Maryknoll students learn how to use diverse technologies, programs, and structures, and are comfortable learning to use new systems with minimal support. They are responsible digital citizens who protect, serve and support others they encounter in virtual spaces.

  • Maryknoll High School has a bring your own device (BYOD) one-to-one computer policy.

  • Maryknoll High School students use a variety of software platforms for learning, collaboration and college preparation, including Albert Advanced Placement (AP) Test Prep, Turnitin writing feedback and plagiarism detection, the Hawaii State Library’s online resources and databases, and the Flipgrid video discussion platform.

  • Students communicate and work with teachers and peers using Microsoft Teams, an Office 365 platform that combines chat, online meetings, file storage, and real-time cloud-based document collaboration.

  • A growing number of Maryknoll High School courses use open-source textbooks, which are textbooks licensed under an open copyright license and available online for free. Maryknoll’s progressive approach to knowledge and learning instills in students an awareness of the Internet as a valuable resource and saves families time and money.

Maryknoll is proud to be part of the Amazon Future Engineers Program. In the 2019-20 school year, through the Amazon Future Engineer sponsorship, Maryknoll High School students can take Intro to Computer Science and AP Computer Science Principles courses, ask questions of undergraduate and graduate students from the nation’s leading universities, connect virtually with Amazon engineers, and use Amazon’s industry-leading cloud computing tools.

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