High School

Spiritual Stewardship

Maryknoll High School Curriculum

As Hawaii’s largest private Catholic school with more than 90 years of academic excellence, we empower students to customize their college prep pathway through our diverse, project-based and passion-driven classes, clubs and teams. In keeping with our
Philosophy of Education, students are welcomed into a small school setting where personal development and scholastic achievement are emphasized equally.


These seven characteristics represent the foundation of what is provided by a Maryknoll Education to students.


Maryknoll students develop an understanding that their heart, mind, and soul are connected to a wider world through traditions and values. They learn to serve the globe by exemplifying the spiritual message of Love, Forgiveness, Acceptance and Sincerity in all that they undertake, and discover their own ethical compass for the future.

  • Our Campus Ministry and Religion programs are at the heart of who we are. Our Catholic faith permeates all aspects of our studies and activities. Through a variety of liturgies, retreats, and service opportunities, we strive to imitate Jesus in our daily lives.

  • Considered the highest form of prayer in the Catholic Church, Kindergarten through Grade 12 gathers to celebrate the Eucharist. Everyone in the school community is invited to participate in the various ministries as Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Altar Servers, Music Ministry, Environment, Sound Crew, and Liturgical Dance/Acting.

    • Our Masses include Anniversary Mass, Founders Day Mass, Ash Wednesday Mass, Easter Season Mass, Aloha Mass, and Baccalaureate Mass.
    • Students engage in prayer in class and as an entire school from K-12 in the Maryknoll Community Center. We hold special prayer services for Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Holy Thursday.

  • High School students may apply to be part of the Marianist LIFE (Living In Faith Experience) Team at Maryknoll School. Marianist LIFE is a national faith formation program for high school students rooted in Catholic and Marianist traditions. The LIFE Team does a six-day retreat in Occidental, California. They also lead monthly gatherings of fellowship and faith sharing for our Small Christian Communities (SCC).

  • Students participate in Day of Recollection retreats every year from Grade 9 through Grade 12.

    • Freshman Day of Recollection: New Beginnings
    • Sophomore Day of Recollection: Joy of Serving Others
    • Junior Day of Recollection: Taking Responsibility
    • Senior Day of Recollection: Transitions

Our optional four-day KAIROS Retreat offers a transformative self-discovery and personal growth experience for juniors and seniors. Students take the opportunity to look within themselves, find their true worth, and observe how this worth is reinforced in their relationships with God, their parents, and their neighbors.

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