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Maryknoll High School Curriculum

As Hawaii’s largest private Catholic school with more than 90 years of academic excellence, we empower students to customize their college prep pathway through our diverse, project-based and passion-driven classes, clubs and teams. In keeping with our
Philosophy of Education, students are welcomed into a small school setting where personal development and scholastic achievement are emphasized equally.


These seven characteristics represent the foundation of what is provided by a Maryknoll Education to students.


Maryknoll students are individuals with purpose who set personal, professional, and community goals and objectives. They learn to prioritize, plan, understand, and use time effectively and shoulder responsibilities that are both large and small.

  • Our Counseling & Guidance Department provides students from Grade 9 through Grade 12 with the education and resources needed to successfully pursue higher education. Students and their families receive personalized college guidance to find the best college for their interests and abilities.

  • Our Maryknoll Exceptional Scholars Program offers highly engaging, passion-driven elective courses that expose students to the careers of the future. Students who complete the course and capstone requirements in an Exceptional Scholars discipline are awarded a Certificate at graduation recognizing their specialization in a subject area. Certificate programs include:

    • Certificate in Medical Innovation
    • Certificate in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)
    • Certificate in Aerospace
    • Certificate in Diplomacy
    • Certificate in Business
    • Certificate in Creativity & Expression with a Music Concentration
    • Certificate in Creativity & Expression with a Visual Arts Concentration
    • Certificate in Creativity & Expression with a Digital Media Concentration
    • Certificate in Creativity & Expression with a Creative Movement Concentration
    • Certificate in Creativity & Expression with a Theatre & Composition Concentration

  • Students can be matched with a mentor or do an internship in a career or industry that interests them. Our Spartans have had mentors and done internships in fields including business, retail, marketing, engineering and aerospace.
  • Juniors and seniors have the option of participating in our Hawai‘i Pacific University early college partnership and taking college courses for dual credit. Students can even graduate from Maryknoll with both a high school diploma and an HPU associate’s degree, potentially saving up to two years' worth of time and undergraduate tuition.
Our 2019 Maryknoll-HPU graduates are continuing on at universities including HPU, UH Manoa, UC Berkeley and Creighton University.

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