International Programs


Emissary Notable Venturer of Youth

The ENVOY Program is an exchange program designed to promote cultural understanding and outstanding global citizenship around the world. 

Maryknoll School sends two teachers and students to China or Japan for 10 days to build friendships, teach, tutor, and perform community service as ENVOYs to a local Chinese or Japanese school and community.

Currently Maryknoll sends ENVOYs
 to Wuhan #1 Senior High School, Wuhan Changqing #1 Middle School and Hiroshima’s Akifuchu High School. Other schools are also being considered as ENVOY partners. 

Goals of ENVOY

List of 3 items.

  • Goal #1: Curriculum

    To complement Maryknoll School Mandarin and Japanese curriculum by offering teacher and student service trips in Mainland China to teach English to Chinese students.
  • Goal #2: Global Citizenship

    Experiences for Maryknoll students to practice skills of world citizenship, while participating in other government structures, cultures, with volunteerism, advocacy, philanthropy, and business and education strategies. We believe participation in the Maryknoll ENVOY program will help our students reach their global citizenship potential.
  • Goal #3: Maryknoll Motto

    Students practice the school motto, Noblesse Oblige, to whom much is given, much is expected.

Teaching American Culture Through Conversational English

ENVOY teachers and students expose Chinese students through Maryknoll pedagogy, to western culture and educational systems, through conversational English. Maryknoll teachers and students work together to teach American culture and history, English grammar, collaboration, problem solving, and college life in America.

Perhaps the most significant results of all the Maryknoll ENVOYs are the special relationships created and the global perspectives gained by our teachers and students.
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