Front Line Alumni Message

As the greatest acts of love are the sacrifices we make, the medical professionals, first responders and those on the frontlines of this battle with COVID-19 are expressing their unwavering love for all those in their care. Many of those in this battle include our #MaryknollAlumni, instilled with the ideals and values learned while at Maryknoll School, in the spirit of Noblesse Oblige. These #FrontlineSpartans have an important message to share with our Maryknoll ‘Ohana and the greater community. Thank you for doing your part as we work as a #SpartanStrong family to #FlattenTheCurve together.

Special mahalo to all of our Maryknoll alumni who contributed to this important message. Thank you for the sacrifices you are making each day to protect our community, as we continue to pray for your health and safety:

1979 Nadine Luke Cho, RN
1980 Gordean Gutierrez, RN
1988 Jaimie Tom, MD
1991 Ian Santee, EMS
1996 Lynnette Higa, RN
1997 Lorrin Lee, MD
1998 Desirae McBarnet, RN
1998 Joseph Ward, MD
1998 Marel Ver, MD
1999 Marcel Ulep, RN
2000 Darlene Ramones, MD
2000 Stephen Sung, MD
2002 Franklin Lee, MD
2004 Andrea Bucci Gregerson, MD
2006 Nicholas Laniauskas, RN
2006 Spencer Kim, DDS
2006 Matthew Seriguchi, RN
2007 Kelly McAneeley, RN
2007 Simeon Ke-Paloma, Ocean Safety
2009 Charles Sonido, MD
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