Genesis '21

Eighth grader Genesis’ stroke of creative genius is sure to take her places.
Genesis first stepped onto Maryknoll’s campus in the sixth grade, and has come from a line of fellow Spartans as her mother and aunts also attended the school. “They knew about the school and they really liked it,” she says.

Already coming in with a passion for the arts, Genesis was excited to learn about the different courses that catered to her interests. In the visual arts, she enjoys drawing and painting, especially animals, nature, and many types of landscapes. She also likes language arts, reading and writing because that gives her the opportunity to express herself.

While she likes to look at the big picture, Genesis has learned to face difficulty piece by piece, especially when it comes to more difficult subjects in school. “What I like to do is just focus on smaller bits and just work at it so that it doesn’t seem as overwhelming,” she says.

With a strong head on her shoulders, Genesis has also given back to the community this summer as well as last summer, serving as a summer fun volunteer. Hoping to continue her Van Gogh endeavors, she’s looking into a career in the arts, possibly as an art teacher.

But with a new school year, what is Genesis most excited for? “A new environment,” she says. “As you progress, subjects become harder, and I’m looking forward to learning some more.”
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