Austin '21

Ninth grader Austin came to Maryknoll in Pre-K with his twin brother Matthew.
His favorite subject is math, and he likes to challenge himself with problems that help him practice his speed and accuracy. A bright young student, Austin served as Maryknoll’s student body president when he was in seventh grade and has even taken an interest in this year’s U.S. presidential election.

Austin’s love for learning extends from inside the classroom to karate, which he has been practicing since the first grade. He now has a brown belt and says he has learned a lot from earning it.

“I just like to compete against other people, and although sometimes it’s very challenging, after all the hard work and training, it really pays off,” he says.

Like many kids his age, Austin likes to spend time with his friends and play video games. When he’s older, he’s thinking of becoming either a flight attendant or pilot, as he is a fan of traveling and learning about different cultures.

“It’s nice to see how different cultures around the world are, like the kinds of foods they eat, how they talk, and how the format is for everything,” he says.

It looks like the sky’s the limit for Austin as his hands-on learning experience surely will take him beyond the horizon.
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