Jacelyn '20 & Jodie '25

Sisters Jacelyn and Jodie share a love for swimming but also pursue separate interests.
Tenth-grader Jacelyn was excited to be part of the Mx Scholar Program for STEM & Aerospace’s inaugural year and kicked off her high school journey by diving into Maryknoll’s newest and most innovative curriculum.

Jacelyn sees Mx STEM & Aerospace as an investment in her future that allows to her learn at her own pace and discover her passion. Driven and hardworking, she wants to become a real estate lawyer, but is also curious about engineering, and has many choices available to her among all four Mx Scholar Programs.

Jacelyn also has a passion for helping others, and lights up when talking about her volunteer opportunities working with young children at summer programs and keiki cooking classes.

“I really like when they learn something different or when I see the look in their eyes that says ‘I want to do this more,’” Jacelyn said.

Fifth-grader Jodie has experienced many of those a-ha moments in school with the help of her teachers and friends, and at home with her older sister. She considers Jacelyn a role model, both in and out of the classroom.

Jodie dreams of becoming a commercial pilot like her father and wants to follow in Jacelyn’s footsteps by being part of Mx STEM & Aerospace in high school. She is eager to earn her pilot’s license in high school through Mx, and wants to explore the skies as soon as she can.

Both sisters first came to Maryknoll in kindergarten, and both have blossomed at the school. Together, these ambitious, adventurous sisters have bright futures in store as they continue to find opportunities to shine at Maryknoll.
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