Jonah '29

The first day of kindergarten was a momentous occasion for Jonah and his family.
Kindergarten is the start of a new chapter with exciting learning opportunities, but also unfamiliar faces and new expectations.

On his way to campus for his first day of kindergarten, Jonah was nervous about his new teachers and classmates. But as soon as he was dropped off, the school welcomed Jonah as the newest member of the Maryknoll ohana. His love of sports was quickly noticed by his teacher, who led him to the playground where he made his first new friends.
Inside the classroom, Jonah has been encouraged to experiment with arts and crafts, sparking his interest in self-expression. Through Maryknoll’s renowned Phonics Plus program, he has been developing his skills in phonetics and reading. He has adjusted well throughout the transition, and looks forward to going to school every day along with his older brother Noah who is in first grade.

Jonah’s start at Maryknoll has set him on the path to continue growing in confidence, knowledge, skills and abilities so that he can thrive as a lifelong learner.
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