Baccalaureate Mass and Class Night: A Timeless Tradition

Maryknoll School
This year’s Baccalaureate Mass and Class Night were truly memorable events, rich in tradition. 
Baccalaureate Mass is a cherished ceremony, providing the Class of 2024 with a reflective and spiritual experience, offering them a chance to express gratitude for their journey and seek guidance as they prepare to step into the next phase of their lives. During the Mass, members of the Maroon and Gold Society, a distinguished group of students who have been at Maryknoll since pre-kindergarten and kindergarten, were honored alongside their ʻohana.

Following the Mass, Class Night 2024 was a joyous and heartfelt celebration where our community gathered to commemorate our seniors and their milestones. A highlight of the ceremony is the symbolic “passing of the torch,” where graduating seniors passed on their light to the juniors, representing the continuity of Maryknoll’s values and spirit. This gesture signifies the seniors’ readiness to move forward while entrusting the legacy of excellence and community to the next class. Congratulations again to our Class of 2024 and 2025!

🎓 Join us in celebrating the Class of 2024 and tune in to the live stream of our 90th Annual Commencement tonight or watch the replay of Class Night at

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