Spartan Giving Day 2024 is a Wrap!

Office of Institutional Advancement
We’re truly humbled by the incredible spirit of the Maryknoll community! Spartan Giving Day 2024 surpassed our expectations, highlighting the exceptional generosity and unity of our donors in a truly inspiring way.
Congratulations to our Class Challenge winners!

🏆 Top Current Classes: The 1st Grade Class of 2035 led with the highest donations in dollars, and the Kindergarten Class of 2036 amazed us with the most donations in terms of the number of gifts.

🏆 Alumni Classes: The Class of 1985 topped the donations in dollars, while the Class of 1997 continued their winning streak for the fourth year, leading in the number of gifts.

Mahalo to each and every participant. Your generous contributions guarantee access to exceptional resources and services for all of our Spartans!

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