Maya Kimura '27 Leads the Charge Towards a Plastic-Free Future with NOAA's Ocean Guardian Youth Program

Maryknoll School
🌍 #SpartanShoutout to 9th grader Maya Kimura '27 for joining the NOAA Ocean Guardian Youth Ambassador Cohort 2 Program — embarking on a mission to usher our community into a brighter, plastic-free future. Maya presented her campaign to the 4th-grade class yesterday to spark a wave of change, informing students about our plastics problem & to make changes towards eliminating plastic use to help preserve our wildlife, oceans, and eco-system.
She is challenging the Grade 4 Homerooms to a Plastic-Free Photo Challenge offering treats for every photo of their students using alternatives to plastic submitted and a grand prize of a donut party for the class with the most snaps.

The NOAA Office of National Marine Sanctuaries creates innovative education and outreach programs that spread awareness of the connection that each individual and community has to the ocean. The NOAA Ocean Guardian Youth Ambassador program is the newest method by which we involve youth in ocean conservation and stewardship.
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