2023 Young Artists of Hawai'i Art Awards

Maryknoll School
Congratulations to our talented student artists! Our 2023 Young Artists of Hawai'i Art Award winners will be recognized at the Hawaii State Art Museum, opening tomorrow, Saturday, May 20, @ 2pm. Your creativity and dedication inspire us all.
Clarence T.C. Ching Acts of Kindness Award:
Alexander Sun, 3rd Place
Tayzia Folasa, 1st Place
Megan Collier, 2nd Place
Young Artists of Hawaiʻi:
18 winners from 2nd to 6th grade
2nd Grade:
Amelia Smith
Ethan Crawford
Claire Lui-Moskal
3rd Grade:
Charlotte Siu
Claire Chou
Olivia Chew
Maxine Kuo-Le Saux
4th Grade:
Montana Loewenstein
Karina Ma
Lauren Higa
5th Grade:
Maia Tulchin
Andrew Wong
Sophie Lauer
6th Grade:
Alexis Sambueno
Alexander Umaki
Taehu Kim
Tayzia Folasa
Sarah Cao
Hawaiʻi Regional Scholastic Art Award:
Tegan Galiza, Silver Key
1st Circuit Oahu Law Day Art Award, grades 6-8:
Keahi Yuen, 1st Place 
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