Maya Kimura '27 Wins NASA's "You've Got Perseverance" Award!

Maryknoll School
🛰️  Congratulations to 8th-grader Maya Kimura '27, who recently had the incredible opportunity to speak with @NASA engineers about the Perseverance Mars Rover. Maya was one of only 11 students across the country recognized by NASA for their academic work, community service, and determination in hopes that connecting students will help them see how NASA scientists and engineers also face challenging situations and succeed through perseverance.
Last year, Maya and her brother Ethan '23 led a hands-on STEM workshop at the 20th Annual Astronaut Lacy Veach Day of Discovery event, presented by @hawaiispacegrant and @hawaiianelectric. This annual event is held for students, parents, and educators interested in STEM topics and features inspiring guest speakers, workshops, and demonstrations.

Eleven students, along with parents, teachers, and classmates, met virtually with NASA Mars Perseverance team members to celebrate the students' participation in the "You've Got Perseverance" campaign. – (


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