Evening On The Lawn is back — Save the date!

Maryknoll School
Aloha Spartans! Excitement is in the air as we are just days from the start of the new school year! With a strong academic curriculum, robust offerings in co-curricular programs, and a faith-filled community, Maryknoll is passionate about helping students elevate their learning potential. We are committed to our work in nurturing students who are confident and innovative learners who care about the world around them.
We hope that these young minds and hearts go on to make an impact in their communities and fulfill their potential in whatever endeavor and career they choose. Our faith-based setting and activities planned for the school year will ensure school pride exudes throughout our community.
We've assembled a team of faculty and staff eager and ready for the start of the school year! To meet them, fellow families, and other school community members, please join us for our first school year event on August 17th as we bring back our Evening on the Lawn events! 
We welcome you back with a renewed spirit and excitement for a great year! Thank you for being a part of the Maryknoll community.
Shana Tong '83
President, Head of School

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