2022 Young Artists of Hawaii Awardees

Maryknoll School
Last Thursday, our grade school campus hosted a special morning assembly to recognize our Spartans who took home awards from this year's 2022 Young Artists of Hawaiʻi competition at the Hawaii State Art Museum.
With entries from K–6 schools statewide, our students won 41 out of 96 total awards! 
You can check out this year's exhibition from May 14 to June 12 at HiSAM and then at the Pa Kamaliʻi Courtyard in the Hawaiʻi Convention Center until March 2023.

Congratulations to all our Spartan artists!

Braden Alpichi, “Good Leaders!”, Grade 4 
Sarah Cao, "Ideas and Voices", Grade 5 
Kevin Chen, "The Leader's Way", Grade 3 
Konner Ching, “Leaders in Hawai‘i”, Grade 5 
Caitlin Chun, "A Leader Is…", Grade 5 
Kammi Ejima, "Cooking Like Mom", Grade 3 
Brady Enright, "Help Everyone", Grade 3 
Vesper Gaines, "Inspiring Leaders", Grade 4 
Olivia Gouveia, "My Favorite People", Grade 3 
Clarice Gulari, “Albert Einstein”, Grade 4 
Honoria Haigler, "God Leading Us", Grade 3 
Jescy Imperial, "Helping Mom", Grade 1 
Donovan Kim, "Our Health Leader", Grade 3 
Clarisa Lam, "My Leaders", Grade 4 
Kelsey Lane, "Qualities of Jesus", Grade 5 
Logan Lao, "Dad's Helping Hand", Grade 3 
Zoe Lau Jong, "Master Leadership", Grade 5 
Montana Loewenstein, "Helpful of Others", Grade 3 
Dylan Moats, "Duke Kahanamoku", Grade 4 
Emmerson Mort, "Good Leadership", Grade 3 
Tristan Murray, "My Mom and Dad", Grade 1 
Tori Nekota, "What Leadership Is…", Grade 5 
Kacie Ngai, "Pieces Together", Grade 5 
Oaklee Olsen, "Positive", Grade 3 
Roman Pangilinan, "Lead By Example", Grade 1 
Ko'i Richardson, "Brave Leaders", Grade 5 
Lexi Sabin, "Leaders are Great", Grade 1 
Alexis Sambueno, "My Beautiful World", Grade 5 
Sonia Shen, "A Leader Is…", Grade 5 
Sarena Silva, "Leading By Example", Grade 3 
Pressly Reign Stevenson, "Art From The Heart", Grade 5 
Eri Sylva, "Growing Leaders", Grade 1 
Jaserie Tan, "Helping Community", Grade 4 
Raegan Teramoto, “Be a Leader”, Grade 4 
Clara Tran, "My Mom, A Leader", Grade 5 
Maia Tulchin, "New Life is Born", Grade 4 
Cameron Twu, "Work of Leadership", Grade 5 
Alexander Umaki, "Ability to Lead", Grade 5 
Lia Wong, "Michelle's Impact", Grade 5 
Trienna Yagyagan, "I Can Be A Leader", Grade 4 
Angelina Young, "A Helpful Friend", Grade 3 


Young Artists of Hawaiʻi is an annual student art competition and exhibition. Presented by the State Foundation on Culture and the Arts, the Hawaiʻi Tourism Authority, and The Native Imaginative, this program recognizes creative excellence among Hawaiʻi's public and private school students, Kindergarten through sixth grade. A panel of judges selected 96 works for the exhibition, presented at the Hawaiʻi State Art Museum. Replicas of the artworks are also displayed at the Hawaiʻi Convention Center for one year, in the Pa Kamaliʻi Courtyard on the third floor.

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