Spartan Run 2022 Surpasses $20,000 Goal!

Maryknoll School
Despite the sporadic afternoon rain, our Spartan K-8 grade students excitedly ran, walked, and cheered each other on in our first in-person Spartan Run since the start of the pandemic. Our middle school students paired with their grade school littles to carefully guide them, while the third, fourth, and fifth graders ran with their classmates.
The courtyard echoed with cheers and clapping that powered our runners with energy and enthusiasm as they ran. With delight, bubbles and a balloon tower marked the end of the course, which made our young Spartans excited to finish.

With over an astounding $24,800 our #Spartanstrong students surpassed our $20,000 goal. Thank you to the many Spartan supporters! Event planners, our students, and faculty did a wonderful job creating an event that gave students a chance to help their school while providing a fun school activity to remember.

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