CTL Fellow Jasmine Rocha '23

Maryknoll School
Maryknoll junior Jasmine Rocha '23 serves on this year's cohort for the Center for Tomorrow's Leaders Fellows Program. She joins a mix of 20 selected juniors and seniors from both public and private high schools who receive the opportunity to collaborate with C-Suite community leaders and volunteer on projects that have an island-wide impact.
Learn more about Jasmine's involvement in CTL and her passion to purse a career in civil rights and law:

The Center for Tomorrow’s Leaders is a nonprofit organization established in 2003, dedicated to developing young leaders for Hawaii and empowering young leaders to solve our community's most entrenched problems through project-based learning.

CTL is currently working with over 600 students across the state. In all programs, CTL is creating an atmosphere for leaders, from all cultures and backgrounds, to be discovered. We empower young leaders to start to solve our community’s most entrenched problems through project-based learning. The curriculum is based on the Student Leadership Challenge. © In the future, CTL will build on effective high school leadership development programs to design supports for postsecondary and career success.
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