8th Grade Science Expo 2022

Maryknoll School
💡 This year, our 8th Grade students and teachers are bringing their annual science expo to you!

  • 0:00 Welcome by Mr. Jeff Chang
  • 01:27 Hydroponic Plants by Lyric Adams and Cara Su (8D)
  • 4:55 Decoding Animal Language and Interaction by Joy Su and Maddison Ito (8D and 8C)
  • 8:55 Simulations of Anti-Gravity by Mia Xu-Suguhara (8A)
  • 14:10 Is De-Extinction Possible by Jacob Amano and Jason Lau (8D)
  • 18:00 What Drink Rots Your Teeth the Most by Haden Agbayani (8B)
  • 22:00 Common Injuries in Middle and High School by Nazareth Agcaoili and Hana Okada (8B)
  • 26:40 Olfactory Senses and Canine Response by Shawn Ching (8B)
  • 31:22 The Effect of Practice on Accuracy and Distance in Football
  • 36:20 Technology and the Eyes by Kacie Chun and Taryn Urusaki (8B)
  • 40:50 Effects of Toilet Paper on the Septic System by Sky Moore and Bryson Moats (8A)
  • 44:50 Effect of the Drug Anti-Osteoporotic by Alexandria Muha (8B)
  • 52:11 How Much Energy Does Dribbling Take by Rylee Cabuyadao-Caswell and Dylan Neves (8C/8D)
  • 55:15 Effects of Smell on Olfactory Bulb by Jourdyn Kekauoha-Viena and Kaira Kahoolulu (8A/8C)
  • 58:54 Effect of Basketball Shooting Drills on Shooting Percentage by Wyatt Kawamura, Jace Asato, and Micah Tangonan (8D)
  • 1:04:00 Effects of Bacteria on Oil Spills by Haley Dissanayake and Ceana Moore (8B)
  • 1:10:36 Effect of Video Game Addiction and Dopamine by CJ Yuh and Micah Matsuda (8D/8C)
  • 1:14:45 Effects of Sleep on Adolescents by Zoe Silva and Caleigh Kaio (8A)
  • 1:18:30 How to Increase Running Speed by Killian Heffernan and Xavier Chang (8C)
  • 1:21:40 The Future of Liquid Crystal Display by Mandy Ho (8B)
  • 1:25:30 Increasing Pitching Velocity by Tyler Hashimoto and Jarren Yamashita (8C)
  • 1:29:40 Aerodynamics Speed on a Bike by Elizabeth Gillespe (8C) Day 2 Presentations:
  • 1:33:28 How Do Your Eyes and Brain Process Illusions by Daniel Lee (8D)
  • 1:40:50 Physics of Taekwondo by Jaiden Tafaoa (8A)
  • 1:46:00 Which Paper Decomposes in Soil by Royce Kido and Cooper Lee (8b/8C)
  • 1:51:17 Can You Grow a Plant Identical to the Genetic Material of the Mother Plant by Darian Pang (8B)
  • 1:55:32 Reaction Time of Softball vs. Baseball by Luke and Evan (8B)
  • 1:58:20 Effects of Stardust on the World by Noelle and Sachie (8C/8B)
  • 2:03:34 Effects of Histamine on the Human Body by Joshua Theuriet (8B)
  • 2:10:18 How Can You Improve a Goalie's Chance of Blocking a Shot by Micah Combs (8A)
  • 2:13:15 Perpetual Water Machine by Heidi Libkuman (8D)
  • 2:16:15 Rainbows and Light Reflection by Micah Tsuchia and Zachary Nelson (8b/8C)
  • 2:19:20 Effect of Resistors in Light Emitting Diodes by Derek Tulchin (8B)
  • 2:23:20 How Stars are Different Colors in Space by Hailey Bell and Valili Tulikihihifo (8A/8B)
  • 2:29:30 Mental Wellness in Middle School by Samantha Wu (8B)
  • 2:37:30 CRSPR by Justin Yamada (8B)
  • 2:42:08 Improving Your Accuracy in Basketball by Keanu Lee (8C)
  • 2:44:50 Physics of a Football Tackle by Dylan Yamamura (8A)
  • 2:47:20 Composition of Jupiter by Keegan O'Grady (8C )
  • 2:52:03 Animals Recognizing Emotion by Richard Tom (8C)
  • 2:55:45 How to Increase Speed With Leg Exercises by Rush Kamakeeaina (8D)
  • 2:59:20 How Does Anesthesia Work? by Nia Cadiente and Khanzas Tuisamatatele (8D)
  • 3:04:50 Effects of Satellite Speed on Orbit by Marcus Naito (8A)
  • 3:11:30 Typed or Handwritten: The Hippocampus and its Memorization of Unfamiliar Terms by Journey Hahn and Myra Petit (8B)
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