NHS Annual Blood Drive Partnership with Blood Bank Hawaii

Maryknoll School
🩸 In partnership with the Blood Bank of Hawaii, our Maryknoll School National Honor Society is hosting its annual blood drive and asking for your support to save our Hawaii hospitals from the critically low supplies of blood they have been recently facing. The Blood Bank said 150 donors are needed a day to meet the demand. Right now it's seeing about half that number.
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To sign up for the blood drive, you may make an appointment online at www.bbh.org or by calling 808-848-4770. For any questions, please contact Mrs. Patti McMaster at patricia.mcmaster@maryknollschool.org. We're so proud of all the donors in our community for saving the lives of people you may never even meet.

Mahalo Spartans!

Giving Blood Is Safe

As Hawaii continues to battle this pandemic, the Blood Bank of Hawaii would like to remind donors that they are considered essential and critical volunteers. Your donation is vitally important and their protocols are in place to make your experience pleasant and safe.


1526 Alexander St.
Honolulu, HI 96822
Tel: 808.952.8400