Colin Hazama '99 featured on Food Network

Maryknoll School
👨‍🍳 ICYMI! Executive Chef Colin Hazama '99 recently starred in the debut episode of "Alex vs. America" on the @FoodNetwork competing against Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli.
Hazama and fellow alum, Stephanie Lum '94, talk story on Lum's podcast about Hazama's career, experiences, and his advice for aspiring chefs. Be sure to check out episode 95 of the "Muthaship" podcast by visiting:

"Congratulations to Hawaii Chef Colin Hazama! He made us all proud in a recent nationally televised cooking competition on Discovery Plus! Hazama moved up the ladder starting as a dishwasher and prep cook to becoming the youngest executive chef at the Royal Hawaiian. Now, Hazama has his own business called C4 Table which combines fresh, locally grown produce with a mix of comfort and upscale cuisine. Hazama, who is also a husband and father of two, joins us on 'Muthaship' this week to share how he navigated the new challenges presented by the pandemic and offers advice to aspiring chefs on the best way to ...get cooking! Listen now on our website or search for 'Muthaship' wherever you download podcasts!" – Stephanie Lum '94

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