Maryknoll Wins Intermediate 2 Championship with Undefeated Season

Travis Liu
Led by Coach Kavett, our 2021 Girls Intermediate Volleyball team had an outstanding and successful season to finish their season undefeated and Intermediate 2 Champions.  Coach Kavett and his staff opted to not make cuts this year keeping 16 players, in hopes of providing all of the girls as much on-court experience to help the Lady Spartans volleyball program continue to grow.  "It was challenging, but it ended up being very rewarding.  There were times, I felt bad for our older players.  They would win the first set so handily, that many games our younger players got to play more frequently than the 8th graders." 

The coaching staff challenged the older, more experienced players to become leaders and help to build up the confidence of their younger teammates.  "We had a few girls on our team who I believe will play high-level college volleyball.  Our captain, Bailey Nakanelua, was a great example of why the team was successful.  She was an incredible leader on and off the court.  Bailey was like a second coach during games but also worked hard to show the younger players what hard work leads to.  The 7th graders look to her as an example of her commitment to the game.  She was patient with the girls with limited volleyball experience."  

Overall, the volleyball season was a success.  Mixing the talent and experience of the 2026 class with the excitement and determination of the 2027 girls, the team had great balance and leadership.  They loved playing together, and it showed in the way they supported one another every step of the way.  

"I am really happy for them.  We told the girls, if they work hard, they will be successful.  We set out to win a championship, and we were able to do so."

#1 Sadee Dahl, Gr. 7
#2 Kalae Kaopua, Gr. 7 
#3 Ashley Chong, Gr. 7
#4 Sasha Morimoto, Gr. 7
#6 Bailey Nakanelua, Gr. 8
#7 Jourdyn Kekauoha-Viena, Gr. 8
#8 Megan Collier, Gr. 7
#9 Kiyomi Asayama, Gr. 7
#10 Kaila Di Amore
#11 Kana Smith, Gr. 8
#12 Skylyn Moore, Gr. 8
#13 Hailey Bell, Gr. 8
#14 Kalaweloilehua Chock, Gr. 8
#15 Rylee Cabuyadao-Caswell, Gr. 8
#17 Samantha Wu, Gr. 8
#18 Alexandria Muha, Gr. 8

Head Coach: Kavett Kaopua ‘88
Asst. Coach: Michelle Nakanishi '91
Volunteer Asst.: Blaine Gier '88
1526 Alexander St.
Honolulu, HI 96822
Tel: 808.952.8400