Mrs. Shana Tong '83 Appointed as Interim School President

Message from Father EJ Resinto and Interim School President Shana Tong '83
Aloha Maryknoll ‘Ohana,
As we bid a grateful mahalo to President Perry Martin, we are pleased to affirm that Mrs. Shana Tong, our current Vice President of Academic Affairs, will serve as Maryknoll’s Interim School President for the 2020-2021 school year until a new school president is named.
Many of you already know Mrs. Tong personally and professionally. You know her as the ever-friendly face on campus, have fond memories of her as an educator, or have had experiences under her compassionate leadership. Mrs. Tong has a rich history at Maryknoll and has served faithfully here as a faculty member for 29 years.
She was firstly a student herself, attending Maryknoll from kindergarten through high school, and graduating with the class of ‘83. She later began her career at Maryknoll as a teacher, then Vice Principal, and was Principal of the Grade School for 10 years. Most recently as our Vice President of Academic Affairs, Mrs. Tong has driven the strong academic vision of our school and ensured that our programs continue to uplift and elevate our students. From her development as a student of Catholic education, to her classroom experience as an educator, to her leadership as an administrator, Mrs. Tong understands deeply and uniquely the values of Maryknoll.
Mrs. Tong strives to uphold the Noblesse Oblige by raising up others and dedicating herself to the continual improvement of Maryknoll and the growth of our students. I look forward to partnering with her to lead Maryknoll and enriching the future of our school.
Respectfully and In-Christ,
Father EJ Resinto, Pastor
Sacred Heart Church & Maryknoll School

Dear Maryknoll Community, 
I am so humbled and honored to step into the role of Interim President of Maryknoll. Upholding and strengthening our school’s mission and our legacy of academic excellence is of the utmost importance to me. Maryknoll helped to shape me, and I hope to guide our staff and bright young people on a path of success laid out by my predecessors.
As the landscape of the world shifts, Maryknoll must also adapt to best benefit our students and their education. We are so blessed to have such a devoted staff, and I will work diligently and collaboratively with all faculty and administrators to address the needs of the school. My goal will always be to continue to cultivate the best possible learning environment and advance the mission of value-based education at Maryknoll. I am committed to tackling all current situations and will ensure that necessary changes are made to provide for all members of our Maryknoll ‘ohana.
Mahalo for your kindness, your support, and your willingness to embark on this next great chapter of Maryknoll with me.
Mahalo and Noblesse Oblige,
Shana Tong '83
Interim School President
1526 Alexander St.
Honolulu, HI 96822
Tel: 808.952.8400