Successful High School Day of Service

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Last week, our freshman, junior, and senior classes boarded their buses and headed out to their Noblesse Oblige Day of Service throughout the island. This is our high school's second day of service for the school year. 
The Class of 2020 drove east to Kuliouou where they cleared the area of debris and invasive plants around the Maunalua Fishpond. The Class of 2023 was nearby at the Hawea Heiau Complex in Hawaii Kai. Students cleared the vast area around the heiau and the Wetlands. Our Class of 2021 spent the day in Kaneohe working with Paepae o Heia, a private nonprofit organization that takes care of the Heeia Fishpond. Students cleared the area around the land and in and around the fishpond.

Our three classes learned about the importance of taking care of these areas and the role we all play in protecting these heritage sites. Students also learned about the importance of taking care of sites like these and how we all can make a difference by working together to maintain and care for our land, through the spirit of our school motto, Noblesse Oblige!
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