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Science Department Receives Grant For Special Lab Equipment

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In March Dr. Derek Birkmire '01, our high school AP Chemistry teacher, applied for and received a grant of $500 for science lab equipment. Dr. Birkmire plans to use these funds to purchase the Vernier Labquest 2, a data collection device. The Labquest 2 operates as a digital touch screen and interfaces with over 100 different sensor types, from simple temperature probes to an EKG.
With this resource teachers can use the equipment to perform demonstrations during lectures; this improves the instruction because the digital sensors give live quantitative data that can be integrated into lectures supporting and providing additional opportunities for student skill mastery. The device also includes probes that are necessary for our Biomedical Science instruction including EKG and EMG sensors, exercise heart rate monitors, blood pressure sensors, and more. 

The grant is sponsored by the National Institute of Health and provided to Maryknoll in partnership with the University of Hawai’i John A. Burns School of Medicine. A total of 30 awards were provided to schools and teachers across the state of Hawai’i. Congratulations to Dr. Birkmire and the Science Department. We look forward to updates about the use of these tools in our Chemistry, Biomed, Genetics, and Forensics classrooms in the future!
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