Tyler ’24

Applying to a new school for middle school can be a difficult transition.

But for Tyler in the Class of 2024, it was clear from the first time he stepped on campus that Maryknoll was where he wanted to be.

“Maryknoll really stood out to me when I was applying,” says Tyler. “I enjoy coming to school here, and I’ve made great friends and memories.”

One of the standout moments for Tyler was the Grade School talent show at the end of his first year at Maryknoll. His magic act of pulling a chosen playing card out of a ripe orange brought down the house and won him the first place prize!

“That was the moment when I realized that I belong here because my classmates accept me for who I am,” says Tyler. “Kids were coming up to me after the magic show and asking for my autograph!”

Now in seventh grade, Tyler plans to try out for the golf team, his first ILH sport. He also loves learning about science and trying all the ‘cool’ experiments like dissections, building robots and making ice cream.

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