Rockets Blast Off with Visiting BAE Systems Engineers

Maryknoll Marketing and Communications
On Friday, December 7th, our high school Intro to STEM students and Mx Specialist Mr. Will Rauckhorst, partnered with our visiting Mx Professionals from BAE Systems to launch the rockets that they worked on for two weeks at our grade and middle school campus!
The Intro to STEM rocket project required our students to be broken up into several teams. Each team selected their roles: group leader, manufacturing/materials lead, engineering lead, finance officer, and project management. The students were graded on a few different components: leadership, performance, and project management. These areas were further broken down and allowed the visiting professionals to score the students work and progress as the project developed. Our grade and middle school students also looked on and were able to participate in the action!

Mahalo to all of our visiting professionals for spending the last two weeks teaching and mentoring our students!

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