High School Students Spread Noblesse Oblige Throughout the Island

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On Thursday, November 8th, more than 300 high school students performed community service throughout O‘ahu through a new program started this year to add quarterly service learning into the curriculum. Students volunteered their time and efforts to restore the land, eliminate soil contaminants and/or assist nonprofit organizations at 7 locations across the island:

• Paepae O He‘eia
• Lyon Arboretum
• Ala Wai Watershed
• Humane Society
• Honolulu Zoo
• Maunalua Fishpond Heritage Center
• Papahana Kuaola

We're so grateful for the opportunity to express Noblesse Oblige toward these amazing service projects and organizations!
After completing their service projects, students were asked to create a written, visual or artistic reflection on their service. Reflections were meant to answer questions like: "What have I learned about myself through this experience?"; "Have your motivations for volunteering changed? In what ways?"; "Will these experiences change the way you act or think in the future?"

Check out some of their reflection responses below:
Mikeila Beazley - “My sense of community has grown recently because I have realized if there are more people involved in doing a task we can get it done faster and then move onto the next challenge.”
Kent Burgess - “When it comes to community service, sadly I’m not a big fan of it. I’m generally a lazy person, so I don’t go out of my way to participate in community events like this very often. However, I’m glad that I now have an outlet that allows me to participate in service days with people I know and love. With these service days, I’ve learned how to appreciate the effort people put into their work, even if it’s likely that they wouldn’t get noticed for it. These community service days are definitely more “community”-like”
Lexi Carlos - “My values are appreciation, courtesy, optimism, respect, and patience. All of which I have gained by going to Maryknoll School and growing up in this community of ours. I learned that I am interested in outdoors work.”
Kelzi Chinen - “Even if I was done with my assigned job, I would still help other groups that needed the help to finish something. So, I definitely felt motivated and I still am very motivated when I participate in other services.”
Cody Chow - “I value learning more about the world by building off the knowledge set forth by those who came before me. Through this experience, I learned about the hard work and dedication needed to maintain the shelters for these homeless animals. I definitely have more understanding than I had before this experience because of realizing the dedication behind running the Humane Society.”
Conner Furuta - “I don’t really think one service day could completely change someone, but, I guess I felt better about myself after realizing what we did for the Honolulu Zoo. I mostly try my best to change and to make my service better for myself and for others. My motives for volunteering has changed and now I think I can go into other service days with more energy and ready to work.”
Mahalo to each of our students and faculty for their excellent service work! We look forward to serving at our next Day of Service next quarter!

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