Grade and Middle School Noblesse Oblige Day of Service

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Today, our grade and middle school students put our school motto into action by participating in their Noblesse Oblige Day of Service. Students, faculty, and parent volunteers were spread across the island and spent the day serving the community in different locations. 
While classroom instruction, homework, and projects are essential, learning about the importance of serving our communities and volunteering is equally as important to the development of young minds and citizens of character. Our students had a day filled with hands-on service, partnering with impactful organizations across the island. 
The Class of 2031 (Kindergarten) created gift boxes for children staying at Kapiolani Hospital containing coloring books, crayons, playdough and toys, while the Class of 2030 (Grade 1) visited Arcadia and performed musical numbers, enjoyed arts and crafts and shared popsicles before leaving.
Three of our classes (Class of 2029 – Grade 2, Class of 2026 – Grade 5 and Class of 2023 – Grade 8) traveled to Hawaii Kai Hui and the Keawawa Wetlands for their service project. There, they removed invasive species and plants from the area, and ensure native plants and wildlife were more protected.
The Class of 2028 (Grade 3) traveled to Kuhio Beach in Waikiki and partnered with Plastic Free Hawaii. There, they participated in a joint clean-up of the beach and learned about the harmful effects plastic waste can have on wildlife and the environment.

The Class of 2027 (Grade 4) traveled to Kuliouou Beach Park, where they partnered with Malama Maunalua to remove invasive algae from the coral reef. They also got to hear from a representative from Earth Echo International in the importance of clean water. 

The Class of 2025 (Grade 6) traveled to the Ala Wai Watershed and helped to remove and clear the watershed area of overgrown plants and invasive species. This work is important to help promote cleaner, free-flowing water from entering the Ala Wai canal.
The Class of 2024 (Grade 7) made their way to the Ka Papa Lo'i o Kanewai at the University of Hawaii – Manoa campus. There, they helped to clean the lo'I patch and learned about the importance of environmental sustainability and the interconnectedness between the land and our livelihood.
Mahalo to all of our partner organizations for providing our students with the opportunity to serve the community in this way. We’re also blessed to have such awesome faculty, staff and parent volunteers who helped to make this important day possible! Noblesse Oblige is part of the fabric that makes Maryknoll School such a special place! 

Parents and Students: Be sure to check myMaryknoll later for more photos from today's service projects. 

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