Cyber Security and Internet Safety Presentation by FBI Special Agent Dr. Arnold Laanui

On Wednesday, September 5th, we were very fortunate and blessed to have FBI Special Agent Dr. Arnold Laanui on campus to speak to our middle and high school students on cyber security and internet safety.
Dr. Arnold Laanui is an FBI Special Agent who has investigated and researched topics relevant to the digital frontier for over 20 years. He brings a wide variety of knowledge and accomplishments from his experience in the FBI. He is Hawaii’s first alumnus of the FBI Honors Program, is an 8 year veteran of FBI SWAT, a Hawaii TOP COP, and has solved numerous cases ranging from bank robbery to hacking national defense networks.

In speaking with our students, he emphasized why it’s important to be vigilant when using the internet, especially social media channels that have become an integral part of our students’ lives in some cases. He reiterated that once something is online, it’s there forever and that can either negatively or positively impact someone’s academic future or even someone’s career. Dr. Laanui also spoke on the impacts cyberbullying can have on other students and how such behavior cannot be tolerated now or in the future. 

In today’s ever-changing, digital world, it’s important to always be mindful of how you conduct yourself on the internet and on social media. We’re very fortunate to have excellent resources and partners like Dr. Laanui who can share their vast experiences and knowledge with our young Spartans. In addition to his work with the FBI, Dr. Laanui is also a proud parent of three Maryknoll alumni - Tabatha '11, Alana '14, and Dylan '17, and is married to 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Paulette Laanui. 

Mahalo to Dr. Laanui and the FBI for taking the time to share this presentation with us and for serving as a valued resource for our school community.

Additional information regarding Dr. Laanui’s transformative work in the FBI can be found here:
1526 Alexander St.
Honolulu, HI 96822
Tel: 808.952.8400