School Life
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Mass and Prayer Services

Considered the highest form of prayer in the Catholic Church, Kindergarten through Grade 12 gathers to celebrate the Eucharist. Everyone in the school community is invited to participate in the various ministries; Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Altar Servers, Music Ministry, Environment, Sound Crew and Liturgical Dance/Acting.

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  • Mass Themes Celebrated

    • Anniversary Mass
    • Founders Day Mass
    • Ash Wednesday Mass
    • Easter Season Mass
    • Aloha Mass
    • Baccalaureate Mass
  • Prayer Service

    Many of the prayer services on campus are integrated with Maryknoll’s curriculum and activities. From class prayers in the Church to all-school prayer services in the Maryknoll Community Center, we find creativity in how we pray and worship. Here are some of the events recognized:
    • Veterans Prayer Service
    • Thanksgiving Day Prayer Service
    • Holy Thursday Prayer Service
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