About the PTA

The Parent Teacher Alliance (PTA) a group of parents who serve as a liaison among the teachers, administrators and other parents to build a strong supportive community. They provide opportunities for parents to be informed and involved in their student's education by providing programs and activities that foster positive relationships and promote continued interaction with the Maryknoll School community.


Sharene Chun
Rachel Fukumoto
Cafey Millard
Shane Morimatsu
Stacy Nakano

If you are interested in developing the programming, planning and execution for the committee and/or events listed below, please email Simply submit your name along with your contact info in your email. We will follow up with you as soon as possible. Mahalo!
Grade Level Representative Chair(s)
New Family Mentoring Chair(s)
Fundraising Chair(s)
School-Wide Events Chair(s)
School Spirit Chair(s)
Communications Chair(s)


Generally there are two to three PTA Representatives for each class. These volunteer representatives assist with class events, coordinate programs, and share ideas that are meaningful to the Maryknoll community and work as a liaison. The representatives willingly share their talents, time and efforts to ensure that Maryknoll parents stay informed and involved in their child’s school experience.


Get Involved

You can get involved with the Maryknoll PTA by contacting:
1526 Alexander St.
Honolulu, HI 96822
Tel: 808.952.8400