Q3 Teachers of the Quarter Announced

Congratulations to grade school teacher Mr. Bacnis and high school teacher Mrs. Smitherman for being named Maryknoll's Teachers of the Quarter! 

Maryknoll's Teacher of the Quarter Award allows Maryknoll to recognize our teachers for their dedication to our students and the Maryknoll community. Each quarter, students and the parents of our younger students are asked to vote for their favorite teachers. The teachers with the most votes are presented with an award and a banner to hang in their classrooms. 

The students had some wonderful things to say about this quarter's winners! 

Mr. Bacnis: 

I think he should be named teacher of the quarter because he taught me a lot this school year and he prepared me for high school. He is not just teaching us the subjects of school, but he is also preparing us for life.

Mr. Bacnis takes his time to teach us important lessons. I’ve learned so many things from Mr. Bacnis that will help me in the future. Mr. Bacnis teaches language arts, social studies, and mandarin well.

Mrs. Smitherman: 

She dedicates her days to the students in aiding with senior projects, class, and as an overall mentor. She always makes herself available for guidance even if you are no longer her student. Mrs. Smitherman makes coming to school meaningful. Not only do the students grow, she grows with the students and always mentions to us that she never fails to learn new things from us every day. Mrs. Smitherman wants success for all of her students not only in school, but for the beyond future as well. Mrs. Smitherman has a passion for the students and purely has so much passion and dedication for the school. I admire these things about her and the hard work she puts forth. This why I believe she should be named Teacher of the Quarter, with her passion, enthusiasm, love for students, and hard enduring work ethic.