Maryknoll School and Hawaii Pacific University Partnership

We would like to take this opportunity to announce the launch of two new programs being offered exclusively to Maryknoll students in partnership with Hawaii Pacific University (HPU). Maryknoll School will become the first independent private K-12 school to partner with HPU and offer present high school students the opportunity to earn a college Associate of Arts in General Studies degree upon graduation from high school.

Maryknoll’s Mx Program is constantly advancing strategies of academic services, teaching pedagogy, and core curriculum enhancement to prepare our students for the future stages of their lives. The Mx Program supports the personalized academic DNA of every individual student, aligning your child’s passion with curriculum and experiences that connects them to their future.

It’s important that every Maryknoll student is prepared to accept challenges, work in teams, evaluate information for accuracy, and become problem solvers. These four experiences, properly applied to real world challenges, can create the catalyst for future success in family life, college, and beyond.

Two exciting new opportunities for select Maryknoll students have now been finalized. These new programs will allow select students to take real college courses while still in high school. This model of learning is called dual credit. The Mx Dual Credit Program and Mx AA Degree Program allows junior and senior students to take rigorous college-level courses while still attending Maryknoll High School, either for individual college courses or to complete two years of college credit equaling an AA degree. Both programs allow students to complete college credits included in the cost of the existing Maryknoll tuition! Students may become eligible for this opportunity based on academic achievement, teacher recommendation, and social maturity.

The term “dual enrollment” refers to Maryknoll students who enroll in college courses that count towards both high school and college credit at the same time. Parents and educators across the mainland have found dual enrollment attractive because it keeps students academically challenged throughout their high school career, and gives them valuable experiences for college success.

Dual-Credit and AA Degree Benefits:

  • Prepares students for the academic rigors of college by exposing them to the type of college curriculum that research has found to promote bachelor’s degree attainment.
  • Lowers the cost of postsecondary education for students by enabling them to earn free college credits and shorten their time to degree completion.
  • Provides students with more realistic information about the academic and social skills that they will need in order to succeed in college, through their participation in actual college courses.
  • Your student can get first-hand experience in what campus life is like, which can help ease their transition from high school to college.

Dual credit is yet another way of allowing Maryknoll students to be challenged. Just like AP courses, which are taught at Maryknoll, successful dual credit gives your student potential transferable college credit with valuable college experience.

While we recognize that the Mx Dual Credit Program, Mx AA Degree Program and AP opportunities are not for every student, we firmly believe that offering challenging opportunities and supporting every Maryknoll student with strong counseling and teacher support is our responsibility.

For our high school families and those interested in learning more about the program, I hope you find the time to meet with our academic counselors to see if dual credit is right for your child. At Maryknoll School, we don’t want to limit your child’s challenges; we want to challenge your child’s limits.

Download a copy of our Hawaii Pacific University Dual-Credit and AA Degree Brochure. 

Current Maryknoll Families: Please email or call 808-952-7222 for more information on joining this program.
Prospective Families: Please contact our Office of Admission at or call 808-952-7330. You may also click here to sign up for more information.