ENVOY Teachers and Students Travel to China

A group of Maryknoll teachers and students traveled to Wuhan, China, for ten days as part of the school's ENVOY program to teach, perform community service, build friendships, and connect with a Chinese school and community. Maryknoll's ENVOY program promotes cultural awareness, complements Maryknoll's Mandarin curriculum, and helps students and teachers gain a global perspective.

Teachers Ms. Higa and Ms. Corpus with students Elle Mooney and Nikolas Robben all participated in the 2017 ENVOY trip. They spent the first two days of the trip meeting students and teachers at Wuhan No. 1 Senior High School, which is home to 3,000 students. The group also visited Yellow Crane Tower and Wuhan University. They were able to observe Chinese, math, and English classes and were treated to a special vocal performance by a member of the Sing Team.

Maryknoll students stayed with host families during their visit and accompanied high school students to their classes. They were able to participate in a PE class where they learned kung fu and played ping pong. 

They also spent time visiting the local sites, including a tulip farm, strawberry farm, Hubei Provincial Museum, where they viewed Chinese artwork, and WuBei Province Museum, where they got to watch an ancient Chinese music performance. They also took the metro, which was very crowded, and attended a local dance performance.

The students and teachers enjoyed the local food, including dumplings, noodle soup, fried rice, and Chinese pizza, which was eaten with gloves. Many of the dishes were spicier than what the students typically eat in Hawaii.

Maryknoll's teachers and students taught the students how to make leis, held a drawing class, and put on a hula show. They also gave presentations on what it is like to live and grow up in Hawaii. The Chinese students asked a lot of questions about the islands.

For the first time during an ENVOY trip, the group was able to visit the Great Wall (pictured at the top of the post). Both the students and teachers had a great time during their visit and made new friends during their stay.