Spirit Week, Pep Rally and Spartan Dodgeball Challenge Championships

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Today marked the final day of #MaryknollSpiritWeek 2018! Our annual tradition of Spirit Week goes back decades, and while many of the activities and games have changed over the years, the spirit of Maryknoll and our rich history always shines through! Read more to find out just how we celebrated Spirit Week this year and check out our social media channels for more photos and videos from this week's posts!
Spirit Week brings our high school campus together by officially welcoming our freshman class to high school. However, in recent years, our middle school has also participated, bridging the gap between the two campuses, separated by space but not in spirit! For more than a decade, our Spirit Week Pep Rally also marks the day that a Spartan Dodgeball Champion is crowned!

This year, we had some of the most exciting, thrilling and fun-filled activities and games to get our students pumped up and hyped for the Pep Rally Spartan Dodgeball Challenge Championships! Relay races, obstacles courses, doughnut eating contests, and more filled the week and led up to our Friday afternoon pep rally and championship games.
For our high school students, they spent the week dressing up and showing their spirit with five different “themes,” including Cartoon Day, Squad Day, Wacky Day, Sports Day and Spartan Pride Day! Our students, faculty, and staff had a great time dressing up and celebrating the week!
Not to be outdone by their high school counterparts, the middle school also had a blast with a bunch of relay races and contests on the Great Lawn, and even had their own field day to celebrate the week!
Friday’s Pep Rally and Spartan Dodgeball Championships got everyone fired up, with a performance by our Cheer and Dance team, divisional cheers and skits and finally the championship matches themselves! We also recognized our Class of 2019 seniors that participated and competed in Fall Season Sports! This year, Mr. Kelly Grant’s junior advisory took home the championship trophy, with a close win against Mr. Tyler Reuter’s sophomore advisory to clinch the title!
Mahalo to all those that made this week special and fun! We can’t wait for what next year has in store!

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