“Everyone can act. Everyone can improvise. Anyone who wishes to can play in the theatre.”
-Viola Spolin

At the heart of our high school program is the belief that everyone can play and that play is essential. Through play, we encounter ourselves and others in a way that is vibrant and immediate, exploring, re-forming, and transforming ourselves and our world in the process. Our focus is on cultivating presence, where one becomes most available to experience joy and freedom, doing so through improvisational play, supported by a mindfulness practice. All the while, we inquire: What is it like to be human? What is the relationship between how we play and how we show up in life? How can I apply skills learned in play to other areas in my life? How can I be kinder to myself and others?

Programming choices are student-centered, seeking to empower artists to create original work, exploring themes that are relevant and meaningful for students in forms that spark interest. At the same time, drama is an engagement tool that can be integrated with other disciplines to enhance and deepen learning.

At the high school level, students can choose from advanced theatre electives from our high school Creative Arts and Expression Pathway Program. Each year students have various performance opportunities open to middle level and high school students. In the past, student work has included story theatre, children’s theatre, musicals, improvised theatre, devised plays, student showcases, and variety shows.
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