AcademicsMx Scholar Programs

AcademicsMx Scholar Programs

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Maryknoll School’s Mx Scholar Programs offer a part-time focus in high school on industries that are driving the careers of tomorrow. Students gain both depth and breadth in their field(s) of choice and graduate from high school with outstanding college preparation, and internship experience.

Each of the Mx Scholar Programs include:

  • Four years of core and elective high school courses
  • Nationally acclaimed core and elective courses that provide exposure to and real-world simulations from field(s) of study, preparing students to major in those field(s) in college
  • Senior year capstone projects where students create their own innovative solutions to real-world problems
  • Flexibility to change field(s) of study as students refine their interests
  • Student-paced learning and individualized guidance from specialist instructors
  • Internship opportunities with leading industry organizations


Learn More About Each of the Mx Scholar Programs Below:

Mx Scholar Program for STEM & Aerospace offers a focus on the sciences, computer technology, robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), engineering, aerospace and aeronautics. Students take three AP engineering courses along with a robust digital electronics course, participate in Maryknoll’s Civil Air Patrol squadron and have the option of earning their FAA private pilot’s license in high school.

Mx Scholar Program for Medical Innovation offers labs and case studies that simulate real-world scenarios such as the forensics of a crime scene; organ and tissue monitoring and dissection; and disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Students complete a capstone project addressing a topic of their choosing in public health, biomedical engineering, clinical medicine or physiology.

Mx Scholar Program for Business & Diplomacy offers studies relevant to law, international procedures and policies, personal finance, microeconomics and macroeconomics. Students also have the option of participating in Maryknoll School’s International Programs through mission trips and home stays in countries including China, the Philippines and the Marshall Islands.

Mx Scholar Program for Creative Arts & Expression offers a full spectrum of learning pathways in history, literature, philosophy, performing arts, digital arts, ceramics, music and religion. This program integrates both left-brained and right-brained learning, merging creative innovation with logical thinking and philosophical development to prepare students for a myriad of future careers.

For more information, please contact Christopher Ugale, Director of Mx Scholar Programs at or call 808-952-7308. 

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