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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Below are the graduation requirements for the classes of 2017-2019, consisting of a combination of course credits, portfolios for student-led conferencing and a senior project. These requirements provide a strong foundation for continued success in college.

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  • Student-Led Conferences

    In freshman, sophomore, and junior years, each student will develop a reflective portfolio answering an essential question based on the Maryknoll School Mission Statement: “How have I become a well-educated person who contributes to society?” The purpose is to demonstrate growth in the areas of the habits of mind, community, and heart. These will be presented in an annual Student-Led Conference.
  • Service Portfolio

    Each student will complete a yearly Service Portfolio consisting of a reflection and scrapbook documenting 25 hours of community service. A final Graduation Service Portfolio consisting of a scrapbook, evidence of 100 hours of service, and a Senior Integrative Essay must be submitted to the advisor prior to graduation.
  • Senior Project

    Each student will undertake a major individual project that is completed during the senior year. This project is to be research based, provide evidence of individual analysis and effort, and cross traditional academic disciplines. The project includes a presentation and an oral defense.
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