Grade School

Grade School


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7:15 am - 4:00 pm

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Mrs. Chris M. Loomis ’85, MEd., MA
Grade School Principal

Welcome to the Grade School!

Maryknoll’s innovative K-12 learning continuum prepares students for our high school Mx Scholar Programs by fostering solid reading, writing and arithmetic skills in elementary and middle school. Lessons are made relevant through real-word applications, allowing students to gain knowledge and discover their passions. Students graduate with a clear sense of purpose and area of focus, prepared to enter the college program of their choice.

Grades K-2: Curiosity & Discovery

Children develop and learn through spontaneous, self-directed activities, combined with the introduction of a more structured learning environment. Students cultivate a natural desire to learn, develop social skills and ethical responsibility, and understand and demonstrate basic concepts. Mandarin lessons begin in kindergarten and are mandatory through 8th grade.

Grades 3-5: Development & Growth

Students cultivate their curiosities, explore their internal and external worlds, begin to work independently, and complete projects that require planning and organization. They build on previously learned skills and strategies, develop more complex social skills, and are able to think logically about and solve concrete problems.

Grades 6-8: Preparation & Transition

Students participate in a wide range of curricular and extracurricular activities that encourage physical, intellectual, psychological, social and moral growth, allowing them to discover new interests, skills, and competencies. They explore in-depth STEM topics, including courses in design, modeling, automation and robotics; develop an increasing sense of independence and personal responsibility; and prepare to transition to an Mx Scholar Program of their choice.

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