AcademicsChinese Immersion Program

AcademicsChinese Immersion Program

The library functions as a major resource center for both our students and faculty. It serves to promote research skills students need to become life-long learners. Keeping in mind Maryknoll School’s Mission Statement, Philosophy of Educational, Expected School Learning Results, and Ten Common Principles of Essential Schools, the Library aims to maintain a collection of print and on-line resources which include books, magazines & journals, VHS & DVD programs, and full-text online periodical databases and e-books subscribed to by the Library. Being a laptop school, we have made these resources accessible to everyone via our wired and wireless network, as well as from home.

The Library provides a space for teaching and learning, where research, reading, individual or group work, project work, presentations, and meetings can all take place.

Library Usage Policies

The primary purposes for coming to the library are to research, prepare presentations and class works, read or do homework. Staff members are responsible for maintaining an environment appropriate for these purposes.

  • A student coming to the library during class hours must bring a yellow pass with a teacher’s signature.

  • Eating, drinking, gum chewing, making loud noises, graffiti and other destructive behaviors are prohibited. Failure to follow policy may result in students being asked to leave. Repeat and serious offenses will be reported to the Vice Principal of Student Life and School Culture.

  • Users of Maryknoll School computers are required to read and follow the Acceptable Use Agreement. Any misuse of computing facilities should be reported to a staff member.

Checkout Procedures

  • Maryknoll ID cards are necessary to check out library materials.

  • Fines and replacement costs apply to overdue or lost books. Students are expected to respond to overdue and fine notices in a timely fashion. Those who fail to do so will be reported to the Vice Principal of Student Life and School Culture.

  • Students are not allowed to check out video tapes or DVD movies since they are purchased for the sole purpose of instructional use.

M-F 7:00AM-3:30PM
HS Library Catalog
Gale Resources
Encyclopedia Britannica
Ethics and Medics
American History Online

NOTE: The usernames & passwords to login to these sites are related to our school motto. You can also access the usernames and passwords when you login to the school webpage, and click here for the required information.