A nurturing and welcoming community that values academic innovation and lifelong learning.



Office Hours:
7:15 am - 4:00 pm

Grade School:
(808) 952-7100

High School:
(808) 952-7200

Maryknoll is proud to welcome students into a compassionate and collaborative academic community that emphasizes both personal development and academic achievement. Intimate classroom settings allow students to explore their individual interests and discover their strengths through the cultivation of knowledge, self-discipline, creativity, and growth.

Maryknoll is committed to providing each student with a high-quality innovative education that prepares them for future success in college, their communities, and in their careers. Our K-12 learning continuum encourages growth and development beyond academics by emphasizing personal skill development, engagement, and student-centered learning, which encourages students to actively take part in the education process.

Learn more about our grade school program, Mx Scholar Program for high school students, Chinese Immersion Program and our admission requirements.