About UsOur Pledge and Alma Mater

About UsOur Pledge and Alma Mater

Maryknoll Pledge

We, your sons and daughters, pledge ourselves to your ideals;
To the strength that comes from sacrifice,
To the courage that conquers self,
To the loyalty which defends your honor,
To the perseverance which gives victory in life,
By daring to imitate Him whom you represent.

Maryknoll Alma Mater

To search for the truth,
Is the goal we have in life.
To hope, trust and honor
The faith that we believe.
To share with each other,
The ideal of Maryknoll,
That love is the greatest gift in life.
-Virginia Lum ’72

To you our loyal hearts we bring,
Maryknoll, our Maryknoll.
Thy fame shall through the ages ring,
Maryknoll, our Maryknoll.

As thy dear sons and daughters true,
We’ll keep ideals we learned from you.
We’ll love you then as now we do,
Alma Mater, Maryknoll.

We love thy dear Maroon and gold,
Maryknoll, our Maryknoll.
Our deep devotion it shall hold,
Maryknoll, our Maryknoll.

In days when we are far away,
We’ll lift our faithful hearts to pray.
That God may bless thy every day,
Alma Mater, Maryknoll.
- Traditional