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Maryknoll Mailing Address: 1526 Alexander St., Honolulu, HI 96822

Grade School Campus: 1722 Dole St.   |   High School Campus: 1402 Punahou St. 

Lori Carlos, Director: 952-7330,

Business Office
Gail Nakamura, Director: 952-7320,

John Madriaga and Ben Valle, Co-Directors: 952-7373,

Special Programs / After School Care
Dan Nagami, Director: 952-7340,

Grade School
Grade School Attendance Line: 952-7102
Shana Tong, Principal: 952-7100,

High School
High School Attendance Line: 952-7202
Darcie Kawamura, Principal: 952-7200,

Institutional Advancement 

Yvonne Morris, Director: 952-7310,

James Morris, Director: 952-7350,

Marketing and Communications, Media Inquiries

Loryn Guiffre, Director: 952-7315,

President’s Office

Assistant to the President, Katy Castillo: 952-7300,